More than just words

Speak Fluently with Style

Make Lasting Impressions in the

First 2 Minutes

Improve Fluency like playing your fave game - Involved, Inspired & Relaxed!

Personality is a reflection of our nature and nurture. We make our impressions in less than 2 minutes. Question is, are these set in stone?

We are constantly in the quest for Making lasting impressions.

Through experiences, we discover the ABCDEs that make impressions within the
First 2 Minutes – Attitude, Body language, Communication skills, Dauntlessness and Expertise!

However, the characteristics are NOT set in stone for life. Perfecting one attribute at a time has a cascading effect on the other items on our priority list.

Like playing a new sport, transformation can be exciting and nerve-wrecking as we have fun exploring and understanding the rules. Collaboration, interaction and creative activities help in overcoming fear/inhibitions to explore out of comfort zone. As we learn the know-hows through role play, games, imitation and repetition techniques, self-confidence improves resulting in positive outcomes.

Learn communication skills like how you learnt to speak your mother tongue - no rules; simply following the instincts to achieve what it takes - Listen more,
Speak plenty, Read extensive and Write surplus!

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Creative Writing

Communicative English

Public Speaking

Fluency gets you noticed.

Elegance makes sure you're remembered!

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