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Art of Speaking

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About Course

Communication is a default skill and yet, when speaking to a new person or addressing a crowd we tend to become conscious, tongue-tied, forget lines, nervous with a racing heart, and sweaty palms.

Even for an experienced speaker all or some of these are natural, but they develop mechanisms to overcome and practice techniques to hide their fear. Preparation, Practise, and Presentation (3Ps) that everyone can make use of to become a better speaker.

If any (one or more) of these sound like you, this is the program for you whether you are an adult or a youngster.

  • I like to express my ideas and thoughts, possess good communication skills, but I am conscious of being criticized
  • I want to be confident when speaking to new people or in groups
  • I want to present confidently at workplace events
  • I am planning to travel abroad but I am nervous about talking to strangers/colleagues
  • I am shy and an introvert
  • I am nervous to present even to my friendly colleagues
  • I grew up in a conservative environment/small town
  • Lack of confidence to speak to new people
  • My career growth is slow due to my interpersonal communication skills

The program is designed to improve one or more of the above problem areas through simple, effective, practical, and result-oriented methods,

Projects addressing specific needs to improve the desired outcomes.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Speaking confidently about any topic
  • Impromptu speaking
  • Presentation skills
  • Debates
  • Leadership skills
  • Eligibility to be a part of our Speaking Club

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2 years ago
the course was awsome an i learned a lot
2 years ago
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