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Coding – Scratch

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About Course

Very often I get asked, “How is Coding related to Communication?” Let me tell you how.

Computer literacy is an essential 21st-century skill for new-age children. Communication in this tech-era is no longer just with humans but also with computers. Coding is a means of communication with the computers – articulating instructions to the computer to perform a given command.

Scratch programming is a block-based programming platform designed to help children enhance creativity, logical thinking, analytical reasoning, and problem-solving.

It gives me an opportunity to set an example to young learners, to “Follow your instincts and learn everything you enjoy by doing!”

Is it necessary for children to start so early?

While it is debatable, I believe these skills are not about developing young programmers, but developing new-age life skills. Children are able to easily adapt and shift gears to stay abreast of the growing technological trends. Coding is not just about lessons to become a programmer but to draw upon the essential life skills helping children to improve their expression, communication, creativity, math, writing, and confidence.

The sessions are constructed and instructed through play-way programs in a manner to focus on and develop skills that reflect their personality and educational abilities.

  • logical thinking
  • critical analysis
  • problem-solving ability
  • creative solutions to real problems
  • project strategy, planning, resources
  • out-of-box thinking
  • visualize abstract concepts
  • how to plan and organize thoughts
  • apply math to real-world situations making math fun and creative
  • resilience
  • team-work
  • empathy (think like how a computer thinks :))
  • and so much more



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What Will You Learn?

  • Getting started on Scratch Coding
  • Movements, Sequencing, loops, and nested loops, scene shift, digital art creation, and more
  • Movie creation
  • 3D Animation drawings
  • Games
  • Character sketches
  • Voice and music creation & integration

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